Inertial Stroke Transducer (Superseded)

Part Number: 052C2730

Inertial Stroke Transducer (Superseded)



The Inertial Stroke Transducer (IST) has now been superseded due to its replacement the Accelerometer Stroke Transducer (AST) Part# 052D4225 which is designed to give a more accurate real time feedback signal of the machines performance to its control system. The Accelerometer Stroke Transducer can be used on machinery operating between 50Hz and 20Hz.

When converting from the Inertial Stroke Transducer to the Accelerometer Stroke Transducer this does require small wiring changes and the purchase of an additional AST Interface Part# 052D4355 & AST Support Kit Part#047E0048.

Refer Complete AST Conversion Kit Part#047E0053 for all items (AST, AST Interface & AST Support Kit).

Contact Syntechtron for Installation Manual or further information.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 9 cm

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